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Love and Compatibility for May 24 Zodiac

It's ruled by Venus, so you like peace, although even Libras have a breaking point, and it gets intense when you have had enough. Taurus is also ruled by Venus, but is a fixed and stubborn sign which doesn't like change. Since the Moon rules emotions, you are devoted and romantic.

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But you are very stubborn too. The Pisces BF is a dreamer, not a leader like a Libra, you have goals you want to achieve, and he may not. But he's sensitive, loving, and fun to be with. The Leo Moon is fixed like yours, so he is stubborn with his feelings and opinions as well. He also wants to be treated like a King. And being a Libra, you expect to be showered with attention as well. Now all your planets are in a zodiac sign, and with the fixed sign Moons, you are both too stubborn.

You want to make something of yourself more than he does, you probably notice he's a tad lazy. If you are having issues, talk about it, but if you keep fighting, I don't think this is the best combo. I'm not saying it can't work, but if you find you are still not satisfied in a short time, don't waste a lot of energy on it. As that old song says, "My Momma told me, you better shop around. Zodiac signs next to each other usually get along well, so I think it's a good connection.

It means you probably have planets in Aries, and she probably has planets in Taurus. This will help you communicate and understand each other better. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites.

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I am thinking he really likes you, but being burned, is not ready for a relationship right now. That's honest, as Virgo, Taurus and Scorpio all are. Give him some space, and don't give up, it could be good. Virgo Sun and Venus is probably very critical and health conscious.

Taurus: Your love horoscope - October 09

They can be prudish about sex too. Try to take it slow, he sounds like he's worth waiting for. It just depends on how long you are willing to wait for a commitment. He just got out of a 3 year relationship and we've been honest with each other from the start. However we hit it off pretty quickly and began spending time every day.

Nothing sexual, rather hanging out, cuddling, getting to know each other. Now it has all gotten to much for him and he asked for some time even though he already told me that he could imagine us to be more in future. I'm a Libra sun, scorpio moon, virgo venus. I just wonder how much time he might need to sort through his feelings. He keeps me updated, but we haven't seen each other in a month I really hope this 'thing' continues at some point because we felt pretty good and about each other.

The worst trait of a Taurus Moon would be their unwillingness to change. I sounds like the one you know has other planets in Gemini. They never shut up! She could also have Venus in Cancer, self absorbed and me, me, me. All of our planets are in a zodiac sign, the moon just represents our emotional life. All good comments about Taurus moon, but none of the draw back are mentioned. She cannot stand the slightest criticism, etc.

She was there at times when I needed her help though. She would repeat stories of her own glory often. Drove me crazy. I have a Pisces moon.

All Signs of the Zodiac:

Taurus sun and Leo Sun are in a square aspect, so there is challenge there and chemistry. You are mellow, feel good in your own skin, and are gentle and sensual. He thinks he's the King, and has a more outgoing nature than you. Both of you are stubborn. Again, the Gemini and Virgo Moons are also in a square, in mutable or changeable signs.

You are fun and keep up with everything that's going on. He's more analytical and can be a bit critical, but both of you are good communicators. I think there is chemistry here, but there is a lot I don't know without a whole chart. It will be very interesting. I am also a widow. I was married to a Taurus for 39 yrs.

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I gave up trying to change him pretty early on. But Taurus people are gentle and kind. They are helpful to others.

Taurus October 2019: Hello New Love ❤ Are You Ready Taurus?

They are generally well liked and very sexy in romance. Yes, once you find the right guy, it will be forever. I like Cancer or Pisces for you. Best Wishes. I am a taurus i hate change! I do like being in a reltionship though. When i find the guy ill be with the rest of my life. I am a widow. This is hard to follow.


May 24 Zodiac - Full Horoscope Personality

It's good you used the year of birth, so he is a Virgo Sun. But each of our 10 planets are in a zodiac sign, the planets are in any of 12 houses, and the aspects all matter.. Usually Mercury how we think and Venus love and social life are in a sign the same as our Sun sign Virgo or before or after it. So those planets can be in Leo or Libra.

taurus single love horoscope priscillah Taurus single love horoscope priscillah
taurus single love horoscope priscillah Taurus single love horoscope priscillah
taurus single love horoscope priscillah Taurus single love horoscope priscillah
taurus single love horoscope priscillah Taurus single love horoscope priscillah
taurus single love horoscope priscillah Taurus single love horoscope priscillah

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