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The current sortie of Mercury in your mystery sector looks murky. An agreement is involved.

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Can anyone really eat their cake and have it, too? Leo July Aug. Just don't be a brat about it. Play nice!

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Virgo Aug. Backed by Jupiter's planetary punch, his focus is your public persona. A mega-goal that you worked hard for in the past can now pay off. Libra Sept.

Down on Wall Street

There's something you've wanted to do for a long time. This involves a trip or seminar. The time has come to please yourself. Scorpio Oct. Annoying too! A wild card in the hand of an air sign possibly a Gemini won't help either. Sagittarius Nov. Which means that when you're good, you're very, very good and when you're bad Add to the steamy stew the sun's sojourn in your financial sector. Capricorn Dec. That's particularly true with Mercury adding muscle to your bustle where so-called everyday issues are concerned. Aquarius Jan. Since the drama is happening in your fun house, solutions should be highly creative.

Mercury and the sun are trumps waiting to be played.

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At about 3 pm yesterday, a few thousand people headed over to the Brooklyn Bridge. Those who crossed via the pedestrian walkway above including our photographer were not caught in the trap. As for the Tony Bologna pepper spray incident last week, the immune system known as Jon Stewart took care of that one. For one……I thought no coverage was a great thing……allow those who still sit on their butts watching TV who are angry sorts know about it and well……..

As for the claims…….. One sign, I have a right to a job. The claims…. I do believe in community, cooperation, persistance and love.

Has Modern Psychology Ruined Astrology?

I do believe in taking care of our parents…………hey they took care of us….. I live in Canada where you think its free………a friend of mine from NJ and I one day dollar for dollar did the math……. I actually pay more for health care……so unless you want hiher taxes……. That is the problem…..

No One is taking their responsibility….. And Anyone committed to fighting big business…….. People need to be responsible for their actions and their part they played in all this……. When people start looking in the mirror first……….

The Zodiac Killer: A Timeline

Stop fighting…….. Stop belly aching We have serious issues to deal with worldwide………it time we stop fighting those issues and start working to solve them…….. No platform, no end game…….. Common Sense ….. We should feed it, nurture it, and pray for these kids. They are the ones holding the bag, and our sleepwalk through the last three decades has forced them to hold it.

We need to keep these kids and all who are there now deep in our hearts. They are rescuing the country from itself. The protests express everything the nation has been feeling, but out of a false sense of powerlessness and a generation-long onslaught against uprising, has been too afraid to act out. The powers these protests are standing up to can and might use the forces of violence and brute expressions to crush this movement.

They are not. The movement has thousands of people who are expressing that they have nothing left to lose, and that is an imminently powerful force for change. If nothing else, we should not just get out of the way of the Occupy movement. Kristal, you seem concerned that protesters would actually do something that exercised power. I think that blocking traffic, while illegal, is a legit form of civil disobedience.

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I am Mr. Safety and I believe that conscious safety awareness be used. Traffic disruption protests are a staple in Paris, where they verge on being something of a joke but we are more car-obsessed here. For reference, the roadway they blocked was a bridge between two boroughs of New York City. The boroughs operate as independent cities.

There are more than sufficient fire resources on both sides of the bridge to address even a very serious fire. Both sides of the river are packed with hospitals, and anyone very seriously hurt is going to be choppered out anyway. If the issue really is about fires, in that neighborhood there are other places where mutual aid can come from, in the unlikely event of a problem so big that the resources on one side of the river could not handle it.

This is particularly true on a Saturday afternoon, one of the lowest traffic volumes during daylight hours the whole week. If they really wanted to mess things up, they would block the bridge on both sides at about 8 am on Monday morning. Yes some of the people involved on the idea level of this thing are plenty pissed off, and you may be too. However, like you, they are not out to stir up trouble but rather call attention to an injustice. What is interesting that their economic platform is on one level basically a more sophisticated rendering of Tea Party economics, tho the point of departure is on cultural issues.

And, economically, on the concept of what a corporation is. Blocking traffic is a form of nonviolent protest. How many cars have been burned in London and Paris during recent protests? How many windows smashed in London and Vancouver BC? How much looting many other places? Blocking traffic is an eminently polite gesture, on that scale.

Meanwhile, as for the whole strategy thing — speaking in terms defined by the Midwest Academy, one of the very few forms of influence that the activists have is nuisance power. The police and mayor have a lot of leeway how they handle any such situation. Though few would share my optimism, my faith in NYPD is more solid than in any other metropolitan force. There is nobody for them to negotiate with.

So their strategy has to be about raising public awareness, and in that they had a lot of help from the NYPD.

sf examiner horoscope Sf examiner horoscope
sf examiner horoscope Sf examiner horoscope
sf examiner horoscope Sf examiner horoscope
sf examiner horoscope Sf examiner horoscope
sf examiner horoscope Sf examiner horoscope
sf examiner horoscope Sf examiner horoscope
sf examiner horoscope Sf examiner horoscope

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