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Then they go to both and ask why their opinions differ.

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Then they go to a third one and ask which remedies to follow. They just keep shuffling from one person to another and getting predictions verified and cross examined. Not only will it frustrate you with anxiety for future, but it also frustrates the astrologer when you put forth ridiculous queries. There are even greater men who would go to two astrologers and follow recommendations by both even if they contradict each other. Now the most illogical question that I have to answer to those people is why did K N Rao say this and why are you saying that? Do you see how irritating it becomes for an astrologer to address the predictions made by someone else.

And if at all I answer, it is not seen as a justification; but people consider it to be my stand against K N Rao ji. I am sure that the first time I meet these astrologers, I cannot hope to receive a friendly welcome because people would have already agitated them against me as they agitate me against them. I have had a few KRS clients in the recent past. Well, if you need answers, ask me relevant questions. If you want to debate, start a debating club. Why would I want to spend time evaluating someone else? If they fail, it could be a matter of chance or whatever. Why would I want to spend my time evaluating them?

Archaeological evidences overwhelmingly for Aryans came from outside. The articles you read in internet has no archaeological or research backing.

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They are simply their wishful thinking of those who do not want to accept the facts. In spiritual world, Shiva was associated with bull Nandi not with a horse which was proven to be came along with people of central Asia. Burial sites in central Asia has skeletons of horses while the remains of Indus Valley sites has none.

India and Spain were the first places to domesticate the horse and Central Asia was the last place where the horse was domesticated. Without you even noticing. There is no direct answer in this post.

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One goes to astrologer when the going gets tough. Personally I met few outstanding vedic astrologers who predicted events for me with amazing accuracy. On the other hand I also tried Nadi jyoshyam which told the past with unbelievable accuracy and failed to do so for the future events. However Sadhguru is encouraging us to not surrender our life to an astrology prediction which is good advice. I have deep respect for Sadhguru and quite agree with most of what was said by him in this article Dravidian is to give in to the British method of divide and rule I really felt relieved after reading what Sadguru had to say about astrology.

I don't know what makes other people say in their comments that astrology works and is something that you can alter your life events with. But recently I've met and discussed my details with 4 different astrologers, and almost all had the same answer. Of course I felt helpless after knowing what they had to say. It felt like I have to give up on my dreams and have to live a scripted life.

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But after reading what Sadguru had to say, I feel as if a heavy burden has fallen off my head. Oh all the great astrologers, please come forward and save this nation and its people from its misery. Namaskaram Sadhguru the role of panchangam and it's so widely used in tallying the horoscope of groom and bride , could you please throw some light on it , I bow down. Sadhguru says: "All those minds which are incapable of a plan will look for a prediction.

You need yourself to dive deep into the subject of astrology to really understand it. It is not a mere interpretation of some nomads but a beautiful scientific world with a network of mappings that coherently work. To develop respect for any subject or derive your interpretations, you need to decode its minute details.

Namaskaram Sadhguru. Astrology is a great science, but it demands astrologer to be a greater interpreter to get the findings correctly. The one who wrote about Astrology had realized everything in his experience, he wouldnt need set of algorithms to predict , but to pass on this intelligence he needs to write it down. Now the second generations will have to read and predict, with many invasions in between, we are at loss of our great masters works. At this juncture and Astrology made to be a business instead of divine service, we may have to be careful.

The Ancestral School of Jyotish

As well, a very concious being can escape compulsive behavior, but not escape Karmic rules, the macrocosm. India being a peninsular country, invasion can happen only through North, so the invaders from west would have settled in North over time. But the Indus valley civilization is very much Indian, and all the India have spoklen Brahmic languages which is now called Tamil. So in general invasion from North and their settlements must have been misconcluded to be Aryan invasion. It is just western invasion. Whenever there was invasions the natives were driven out after robbing their wealth.

Otherwise what we call us Dravids and Aryans are of same Indian origin. The invaders who settled in North due to geographical reasons renamed themselves to be Aryan, which is the hypocricy to rule the country. Real Aryans and Dravidians are indians, fake so called Indo-aryans who used the term as Camouflage are just invaders. Dear All: Sadhguru does not deny the influence of planets on us at all. Its "knowing".

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And He is not a Scholar. He is "Beyond" and Gateway to the Beyond. Sullivan - Sadhguru has used History as we know it to convey what needed to be.

Its not the events and history that he wanted to convey. I used to think the same, I would think "why bother trying if I'm just a puppet and some higher force is pulling my strings? You can predict what a person will do and how the world will respond by looking at their chart. I know the concept is unreal to many because we live in a world where we want to believe that if we just try hard enough and make the "right choices" then we can have anything we want whenever we want it. But if that were true we'd all be rich, good looking, happily married, healthy and free of any problems!

In other words, a HIGHLY skilled astrologer can look at your chart and tell you in advance how your free will, will play out to meet with your destiny. Does that make sense? As I understand astrology in Indian system is not that simple. Many of the people today have basically no understanding of astrology. Some just read few books and become astrologers and try to use this knowledge to earn easy money.


Hence all their predictions fail. They just use date and time of birth to create the map of life which is totally absurd. We need more data than just birth date and time. How can one explain twins born at the same time growing to become totally different individuals with different characters and having totally different future?

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