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Apparently, friends are the critical point of our life!

The Karma Theory in vedic astrology part 1: Astrology and karma – The Vedic Siddhanta

How many sorrows and disappointments we have gotten from them! We just trusted some of them greatly and they let us down! This occurs because in previous lives we were not able to appreciate the worth of friendship, denying our support or taking advantages of friends, opportunistically. We must change our attitude and rediscover the value of friendship, which has to be offered not for personal gain.

As time passes, we will succeed in getting lasting and rewarding relationships. When placed in the section of "trials and afflictions", Saturn denotes that current life does not give free gifts to anybody.

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Any goal may be attained only at the cost of huge sacrifices, patience and exertion. This is because we would prefer to take a short cut, even illicitly, if only we could reach our goal. This may have caused loneliness in our life, but also we should not forget that this placement of Saturn results in a tremendous inner strength - we should put it out to the service of other people, in order to lighten the burden of our karma, taking care of them and sharing joy and sorrow emotions. The world of top models is charming, mostly for men, but even for young girls dreaming to live the glamourous life.

Vedic Astrology: Karma Theory – The Shaper Of Destiny

Yet, behind this fleeting world, full of wonderful ladies, we find stories, which are very interesting to astrologers following the theory of karma. We will examine the cases of Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer. Apparently she has a very rich karma to resolve, with fully five retrograde planets Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. The Moon positioned in the 9th House makes her a globe-trotter, impelled by necessity, while Venus placed in the 4th House makes her be bound to the family-of-origin and wishing to have her own family. Moreover, planets placed in financial sections the 2nd and the 8th Houses , together with Uranus and Pluto in the 7th House, make her potentiallly single for life.

We have a case of the classic refrain: "Naomi is a girl with a graceful carriage, everybody wants her, but not for marriage". The karmic analysis puts into relief the position of Mercury in the 2nd House. On the basis of the number of days it remains retrograde, since the birthday, it denotes the number of years Naomi's family has been worried by financial problems.

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In this case just one day , she was not affected too much. On the contrary, Jupiter is retrograde in the 8th House, which makes her a potential heiress.

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Uranus and Pluto in the 7th House, combined with the North Node in the 1st House and the South Node in the 7th House, make us foresee the unrelenting decline of her relationships and provide this lady with hopeless chances to get married. Alternatively, the marriage will end up in a little while either in widowhood or in divorce followed by a huge request of alimony see Jupiter in the 8th House.

At last Neptune in the 9th House provides Naomi with an interest in profound subjects, but she should pay attention to deceptions and empty promises that other people will make to her. Shouldn't she have shot a film with a well-known Italian movie producer? Those promises will be a source of disappointment to her, as well as a source of - hum!

She is a myth and she is so even more, since she does not have even one retrograde planet in her natal chart, which denotes she has very little karma to resolve. Obviously, in the present life she has taken a little rest. Astrology is and has been one of the most mystical subjects for human beings. In astrology, India holds a key position as it is the most ancient of all human civilizations.


Vedic astrology is an extraordinary ancient science which baffles minds of even modern scientists and intellectuals. We are acting out our roles as sketched out by the Great Designer. The Karma Theory rests on three pillars and they are An action-less existence is not possible.

Without Reincarnation, there can be no Astrology, for Astrology is merely reading the Karmic Pattern which has a link with the past life s , and also with future life s. Each one of the humans has desires and wishes to fulfill them. Dharma Principles of Righteousness. Artha Materialistic Wealth.

This is the rule of the material world too. Every good or bad action will not go waste or unaccounted for. If not in this life,such accounts will be cleared in future births. So your horoscope is a powerful information system,which can be used to find out the possibilities in this life. Based on what hasbeen done in earlier lives, you get a particular type of horoscope.

The horoscope will limit you to a great extent, but knowledge about it combined with some extra efforts will allow you to overcome the hurdles finally.

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